The inner path, rather than something secret or esoteric, is simply a turn in our point of view, a willingness to look toward the innermost reality of life, rather than only at its surface.

From this perspective, we may affirm that which we call God - or the Absolute, Love, the Universe, the Infinite, the Ground of Being - is not a thing, an entity outside of us.

For the spiritual seeker, this becomes evident when we move beyond thinking about God or essence, into the domain of lived experience. We may do this through prayer, meditation, contemplation, deep reflection, and/or perhaps, through sacred song, dance, ceremony, or worship. We move into a state of experiential rapport with being, what with some call the divine life - instead of praying to something or someone "out there", we recognize our connectivity with that infinite presence; we recognize it as an indwelling part of ourselves and all of life.


In this lies the basis of the inner path - searching for one's experience of the heart of existence in the corridors of the interior life.

One's beliefs, theology, and religious tradition naturally may still form part of the landscape of one's spiritual life, but one does not rely on them exclusively or on rules to dictate one's relationship with the sacred; it comes from within.

Thus, real experience is indispensable in knowing oneself and God, or one's ground. Those who are inclined are invited to undertake inner practices and disciplines which call to their hearts, often with the guidance of a spiritual mentor or community. Both the practices and this sacred relationship form a pathway by which the seeker can begin to contact a deeper reality, which unveils new states of love and awareness, as well as that which is beyond all forms and conditions.


The inner path does not ask one to convert to a new belief. Instead, it emphasizes the recognition that we each have the doorways within us to recognize sacred truth.

As we discover these connections within, we find the others in our lives are not "others" after all, but in fact another face of our own being/the Only Being.

We find common ground with each other as a human family of one soul, regardless of the differences in our beliefs, philosophy, religion or lack thereof.  

We can be wide enough, all-embracing enough, to transcend oversimplified distinctions of us and them, or right and wrong way, which are the root of so much suffering in our world - if we actually begin to viscerally experience the realization that all we meet is another face of ourselves, of being, of God.

For those called to the inner path, there is a natural connection to moving deeper into global understanding, love for our fellow beings, true happiness, and if we're lucky, participation in the full glory of the cosmos.