Casey Bledsoe, MA

For the past twenty-two years, I have been consciously dedicated to touching the wisdom within and beyond life - that which makes our lives meaningful and vibrant, and empowers us to transform the suffering we and others experience, as we grow in love.

Always a contemplative person, even as a child, my love of nature and respect for all beings was nurtured by my family, who encouraged and supported me as I sought the most genuine path for my life.

While living in Texas, I received my Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Biology, and later my Master's in Counseling. I participated in a variety of mystical and holistic disciplines, the most important of which included silent retreats under the guidance of profound spiritual elder and hermit, Father Kelly Nemeck (d. 2014). I also trained in esoteric healing, meditation, qi gong, and soul-centered ecstatic dance.

Permeating the variety of my experiences, I felt and treasured the realization that there is one inner path, the path of love and awareness, that all true seekers tread, regardless of apparent differences in outer practice and belief.

As I discovered the more specific expressions of this inner way that most called to me, in 2005 I began a decade of intensive spiritual training in Florida with Senior Sufi teacher and interfaith peacemaker, Shahabuddin David Less. Shahabuddin became one of my dearest friends, and we have continued to journey on a path not of doctrine or dogma, but a path of heart, connected to all those who follow a path of heart.

Shahabuddin David Less

Shahabuddin David Less

Over these many years of inquiry and training, at different times, I was an editor and a farmer, a floral designer and a therapist. I began to spend time learning from Swami Sunderanand in India and other unique beings I met as I traveled in South America, Israel, Europe and other places around the world.

I was ordained as an interfaith minister and certified in Systemic/Family Constellations, a beautiful vehicle for seeing, understanding and healing our connection with ourselves and with all of life.

For 10 years, I learned, taught, worked and celebrated in the field of Rising Tide International, an interfaith spiritual organization in Sarasota FL, dedicated to spreading love, harmony and beauty. Being an integral part of such a community taught me to love more fully, as well as the power of belonging to the human family in a way that goes deep into our commonality as human brothers and sisters.

Swami Sunderanand

Swami Sunderanand

Now with my home base in North Carolina, I gratefully take all these lessons with me as I offer spiritual gatherings, intensives, and retreats in different communities around the US and the world, as well as here at my home in Black Mountain.

I have also had the great blessing to meet and continue ongoing study with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, founder of Ligmincha International in nearby Virginia.

It is a great joy to share in the beauty of life, learning, and true togetherness with kindred spirits of many paths, religions, and cultures.

My prayer is that by loving and growing together, praying together, singing together, laughing and crying together, we can ease the burdens of this world and magnify its kindness, joy, peace and light, and thus fulfill our purpose as human beings - to bring Love/God to life and be truly happy.