Zen Garden, Germany 2016

Zen Garden, Germany 2016

Most often, the real cause of our suffering, no matter its form, is alienation from our true essence - and reconnecting with our deepest being is, in turn, the single-most powerful source of love, growth, and awakening.

The programs I offer emphasize this, while also honoring our physical, emotional, mental, and relational selves as the vehicles through which we experience life.

We are a wholeness, and every facet of us matters. We feel complete when every aspect of ourselves can show up, be seen, loved, and when ready, transformed.

Our connections to each other are one of our greatest gifts, thus my programs create a space in which participants can relax and be safe, close and real. As we ease our own barriers and defenses, we become better equipped to serve each other, as we release pain and disconnection, to find a deeper home in love. We naturally become happier, more radiant expressions of our real selves.



Fall leaves, Black Mountain NC 2017

Fall leaves, Black Mountain NC 2017

I offer programs in a range of formats, including short talks, weekend seminars, retreats, intensives several weeks long, and courses which span over a year. I work with individuals, small groups (6-8 people), and large groups in a variety of settings.

Because we are connected as the fabric of One Being, the longing of one person in a community often expresses the longing of all, sometimes with surprisingly profound resonance.

Please inquire if there is something especially timely or unique that calls to you and/or your community, which I may have the capacity to address together with you.

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Areas of focus with which I have particular experience include, but are not limited to:

Living from the Heart

Meditation: Foundations and Deepening

Yoga Nidra Relaxation Practice, Young Adult Intensive, Sarasota, FL Winter 2015

Yoga Nidra Relaxation Practice, Young Adult Intensive, Sarasota, FL Winter 2015

Spiritual Activism as a Global Practice

Transforming Suffering into Joy

The Alchemy of Happiness

Chants of the World's Religions

Love Beyond Co-Dependence

Zikr (Sufi Chanting) - Training and Immersion

Death and Dying

Creating Healthy Systems - Individual, Familial, Organizational

The Inner Life

Breath: Life and Practices

Sound, Silence and Soul

Peacemaking and the Collective Consciousness

Clearing Impressions

Introduction to Universal Sufism

Immersion in universal or specific themes, for example: 

The Purpose of the Soul, Magnetism, The Spiritual Hierarchy, Purification and Blessing, and many more