Meditation Series with Casey Bledsoe - The Power of Breath: Nourishing Ourselves, Our World (2017) click to listen

 This is a series of ten 40-minute meditations I offered on the relationship between our personal meditation practice, breath and the harmony of our shared world, as part of Winter Feast for the Soul 2017.

Feast for the Soul


Feast for the Soul is an annual gathering of spiritual practitioners from around the globe who commit to 40 days of meditation or other practice of stillness. (Formerly known as Winter Feast for the Soul, the name has recently been changed to honor practitioners in the Southern Hemisphere, who are celebrating summer!)

From January 15-February 23 each year, the Feast is held in many local communities and as a large online event, hosted by a diverse group of presenters, bringing people together in a spirit of love and connection.

The meditations remain available online for anyone to listen to or download for free. On the Feast for the Soul website, you will find meditation leaders from a wide variety of faith traditions, plus a wealth of other resources supportive of contemplative practice.