The Emerging Heart Global Meditation is held

every 2nd Sunday of the month from 4-4:30pm EST

We gather as a soul group, from wherever we are in the world, and sit united in heart, breath, and silence.


Anyone who feels connected with this global spiritual activity is warmly invited to participate. A few simple guidelines follow below.

Please adjust for your time zone. If it is not possible to join at the precise time, please join when you can and unite your awareness with our shared intention.


~ Before beginning, light a candle, take breaths of purification, or consciously relax in a way that suits you. Ensure that you have a tranquil space in which to sit and that you will not be interrupted, with phones and electronics silenced.

~ Set a timer for the half hour of the collective meditation.

~ Be aware of your breath, and let it flow calmly and naturally, without effort. As you gently pay attention, it will slow and become more rhythmic. The more you can be at ease, the more you will be able to relax into more expansive and loving states of being, and the more you will enjoy yourself.

~ You need not be thinking about the intention for the entirety of the meditation - spend some moments sincerely tuning in, then relax into your heart and breath. Letting go of the need to strive will allow a natural spaciousness to emerge.

For further guidance, continue reading below.






What is most important is not what meditation technique one uses, but rather experiencing and feeling. Allow the habitual sense of self to soften and a sense of connectedness to emerge.

Allow your heart to open to the recognition that there are other human beings, just like you, in their homes, in different countries, who share the same hope and dream, for the cessation of suffering of family, friends, loved ones, all fellow humans, the waters, lands and creatures of the earth....and not only for the cessation of their suffering....but for the exuberant fulfillment of the highest potential of each and every one, for their true happiness and thriving joy.


Feel yourself as part of a humming body of humanity, which, as it vibrates in synchronized intention, sheds great light and great love, in unison with all the illuminated souls of all the ages.

Allow yourself to experience how you are at once made of that love-light and transmitting it. It is the radiance of who you are, and all that is.

Notice how your own heart is filled up as you connect to this larger awareness and the wellspring of energy it brings as feel yourself contributing to the world's harmony. Let the feeling that comes overflow, nourishing this invisible yet deeply real spiritual resource for all.

Allow the feeling of the emerging heart of humanity - filled with tenderness, kindness, wisdom, respect, and love for all - to blossom. Welcome into your heart the highest possibility for humankind.

Remain in loving presence, breathing this feeling in and out...

If you find it helpful to have a concentration upon which to focus, silently hear or breathe in "Toward the One" and exhale "United with All," or use a sacred phrase of your choice.

At the end of the practice, you may wish to say a prayer in alignment with our shared intention, and/or for your family, friends and loved ones, or simply sit in silent reflection.

~Thank you for the blessing of your presence.~