There is a collective awakening taking place on our planet, one that will usher in a new era of harmony for humanity. While it may be hard to perceive in the daily news, it is taking place, in pockets both small and silent, and far-reaching and triumphant in scope, in consciousness and in the heart.

We discover this when we turn our gaze away from our worldly strife and let ourselves feel the more subtle nuances of our hearts and spirits. There, we can sense the quietly changing condition of ourselves and our world, as we feel new layers of awareness and compassion emerge.


In this ripening awareness, we can sense how the wish for cooperation, understanding, and a deepening sense of unity take a stronger hold than old divisions and enmities. Here, the One Heart - God, Spirit, Breath, The All and the Nothing - is shining through adversity as it always has.

This profound, already-present unity grows in life and strength on our earthly plane through human hearts and minds - through those who are willing to truly love. Those who, no matter their path, culture, religion or creed, are consciously working to bring themselves into ever greater alignment and attunement with the Source of All. Those who are willingly transforming their egos in order to become better instruments to alleviate the suffering of our fellow beings.

There are many means of activism, not only those which see in our outer world. One of the ways in which we can and must influence our collective consciousness is through spiritual activism.

Uniting our hearts, our minds, our intentions, and our prayers creates a certain energy, which nourishes this emerging love-awareness that is being birthed in humanity. This becomes a spiritual repository of hope, guidance and light, for those lost and struggling on our planet now, and for those to come in future generations.


The more people I meet, the more touched I am by how many loving human beings there are working, each in their own ways, to bring compassion, beauty, peace, harmony and unity more fully into our world.

For those who wish, the Global Meditation on the Emerging Heart of Humanity is an opportunity to connect with those around the world who care deeply about humanity and our planet, and who are willing to invest their time, energy and love into the health and wholeness of our one body and soul.

Details on times and how to participate